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Still no joy with Honor View 20

Updated the app and it now doesn’t say the phone isn’t compatible. But it won’t connect.
When trying to connect it says device not found.
If I go into the phones Bluetooth settings the Archisketch is There.
I don’t get a blue light on the Archisketch.


Is it only within the Archisketch application that you cannot connect? If you in Bluetooth settings try connecting to the device, can it then connect?

Yes. Archisketch is listed in the Bluetooth devices, if I try to connect via Bluetooth settings it says to contact in the app. But the app says no device available.


Okay. It seems like an issue with the device. We will investigate it, and let you know how to handle it, within this week. Sorry for the inconvenience.

I’m happy to wait and to help you fix the bugs.