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Missing export options

Both on the phone as on the web I am missing export options. I can see the model is geometry based so export options should not be to hard to create. And will have a very big benefit for the users.

Exports like .SAT, . OBJ, .STL, .3DS, .IFC, .DWG, or any other common export format would be fine.

Hello, JoshavanReij.

Yes, as you said, it’s not that hard a feature to make.

We did receive several feedback about missing feature promised in our campaign.

But for now, we are focusing on our main product story, its stability and performance.

We are sorry to keep saying this, but please wait and we will come with the feature.

Thank you

I bought Archisketch recently, and I enjoy using it. But I really need the EXPORT feature!:disappointed_relieved:
How long will I have to wait for it?:pleading_face: