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Mechanical Problems

Hello & thank you.
Per your request (bottom of string) I have redirected our concerns to this forum.
We unpacked 1 of our units. It powered on without issue last Friday BUT will not power on today (?)
It is fully charged but when the USB cable is plugged in the indicator does not light.
We have reset the unit.
Please HELP us identify the problem. Thank you!

Thank you for the prompt REPLY to my previous post!
*** Should we WAIT to hear your Development Team’s solution and advice BEFORE WE OPEN and try to use/test another one of our ArchiSketch devices?


Hi, Mark. We are afraid that we aren’t able to deal with some issue at once.
It is absolutely true that you can test our device with a proper method. However, there is some possibility that you may get trouble in using it. Our development team tries to solve those problems as soon as possible.
Please contact us via
We keep up with our backers concerning the mechanical problems and all inconveniences via this channel. Thank you for your understanding.

Please REPLY to my QUESTION:
“Should we WAIT to hear your Development Team’s solution and advice BEFORE WE OPEN and try to use/test another one of our ArchiSketch devices?”


You can open and try the other Archisketch devices. We will look to solve the problem with your first device soon. Please write here, if the other devices have the same problem, or if they work just fine.

Dear, ITA


I apologize for the delayed response…for some reason we did not receive Message Notification(s) for your emails.

We have only tried using two (2) of the twenty (20) systems purchased. The rest remain unopened.

  1. The first one we charged and it would not power back "on. And the hinge is loose but can not be tightened
  2. The second one is being used to see how and if ArchiSketch works.

So far Archisketch has not worked well.

  • It operation is very erratic; and
  • There are no directions or documentation so when it does work its use is by “trial and error”; and
  • When we have been able to create practice rooms they are not to scale and can not be saved , and
  • If we could fix and save the rooms we are (apparently) unable to use the library of 3D items we created after your team informed us of the file types we would be able to import; and
  • I have asked for someone to contact and assist who is leading this project but no one has; so

We are very frustrated and have not spent allot of time trying to figure out IF Archisketch will be of any use to our company. :frowning:

We would very much like to see this product be durable , dependable and w ork as advertised . It would be very useful to our company.

The information you requested is as follows

Recipient Name: Mark Greene
Country: US
Address1: ITA, Inc.
Address2: 2162 Dana Ave at I-71
City: Cincinnati
State: Ohio
Zip: 45207-1341
Phone: +1.513.631.7000


We will want a refund for this purchase IF it will or can not work as advertised.


Thank you,
Mark Greene

Dear, ITA
My name is Thia J. One of the business planners in Archisketch team.
I want to apologize for your inconvenience.
Recently, We identified the problem in the assembly process and managed to fix it. Also, we keep updating our app features every week to meet customer’s expectation.
If you allow us, I will visit your office and hold a quick seminar about how to use the Archisketch device. and replace all the defective device with new ones.
If you are not satisfied after my visit. I’ll process the refund right away.
Please, consider our suggestion and reply to this message.
Thank you in advance,
Thia J