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Inaccurate readings and other complaints

Readings measured with the gadget and both apps are so inaccurate they are pretty much useless.

I’ve used both apps, Archisketch and Archisketch X on my Samsung S8+. Here is my opinion for both.


  1. Measurement tool is pretty good, acceptable accuracy, but sometimes it bugs out and displays a crazy length like >10 m while using the 2 point tool. I have to reset the program everytime this happens.
  2. Space capture is pretty much unusable because the starting corner mark drifts as I move across the room.
  3. Height measurement is horrendously bad. Please fix.

Archisketch X:
I’ve measured the same wall multiple times which is supposed to be at right angles with the previous wall, but it is still sloped at an angle! This is very frustrating!
Also, the wall lengths are atleast 20% off from the true values. Its so bad.

Fine, I am willing to make compromises.
I am willing to use Archisketch X as a brief sketch then correct the lengths using the 2 point tool from Archisketch but then why can’t I use the web editor to correct the lengths???
I can’t change the lengths nor can I change the angles.
Even the webapp is bad.

Archisketch, the gadget, the apps and the webapp are still FAR away from a finished product.

P.S. I have no connection issues

First of all, thank you very much for your detailed feedback. This will greatly help us enhance our product in the future.
The new Archisketch X app is tested to be very accurate: The calibration of right-angled was thought to be very robust, and the measurement was less than 5cm off in our test environment.

Pleas try the following method, and if it still yields a very bad result, a video of you capturing the space with Archisketch X could help us make a better product.

  1. Please move around the entire space before starting to capture the space.
  2. Please stay still between the button press and the visual indication on screen. If you move during this period, the measurement will be off. (Most likely reason)
  3. It works better if you are not standing too close to the wall you are trying to measure. That is because if the camera can see more of the space, it becomes more accurate. Ideally, you should be around 2-3 meters (2-3 yards) away from the wall.

And, an update to Archisketch X is coming soon. By the end of this week.

I sincerely look forward to hearing back from you. Hopefully the above instructions can enhance your experience.