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Device not compatible with app version

Pls, look at the picture in attachment. We tried whit different smartphone, but the message is always the same. Can you help us? Can you put us in touch with italian buyers to talk about it?

Hi Paulpa

Which smartphone models are you trying with? The list of supported phones can be seen in the manual at page 29-31.

Dear Sirs,
too much smartphones doesn’t work with your device and application.
we think that’s better you solve the problems before sell the products.
We are waiting for…

Hi Paulpa,

We know there have been errors with some smartphones. Which phones are you having problems with?

I have an Essential PH-1 phone with Android 8. Why does it not work with all Android phones, with the proper Android software?

Essential PH-1 is not supported because AR Core is not supported for the device.

Thank you

Is AR core only on very recent phones? I also have a Motorola Moto X Gen II, will that work?


No, Moto X Gen II is not supported. You can see a list of all supported phones here: