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App GUI improvement

The mobile app shows millimeters, feet and inches (on iOS)

Please make an option where one can deselect/select measuring units to be displayed so the screen is less occupied.
A recorded measurement should also show only select units.
Please make the name editable on the record list and allow for a flag, not only the bin as an option.

…just trying to get my head around the app, it’s not very intuitive. Couldn’t find an export option for recorded (flagged) measurement results yet.

We are sorry for your dissatisfaction.

We are collecting issues and bugs for the current application and hardware now.
After we identify them (including what you said), we will announce the list of bugs to fix before next Friday (March 8).

In addition, we are currently participating in the MWC in Barcelona.
If anyone wants to contact us about the product, plz visit us in MWC.