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After the web login has been established it is not using same login as this developer forum. A bit weired but OK. But contrary to this forum I cannot use my email address, e.g.
It crys foul on the dots. In addition to that the passowrd requirements are too demanding too. I’d prefer to choose myself how secure a given password per site really needs to be. Atm the pw could just be simple as long as there is no real business for me on such an account…

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Thank you for your suggestions.

To my understanding, you wish to:

  1. use email address that contains . “periods” after @ symbol
  2. use password that requires less conditions

I also think they are very valid updates to make.
We will work on it and let you know once it is updated.

Btw, Development Notice channel is a tab we use to post our patch updates.
It will be greatly appreciated if you can post further questions&requests in Q&A tab.

Thank you so much for your support.
We will let you know soon!